Aboundingful Farm

Ellen Anderson- Shepherdess, Spinner & Fiber Artist

Welcome to Aboundingful Farm!

About Our Farm:

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Aboundingful Farm is a small farm in Lebanon County Pennsylvania. We raise many different fiber animals for hand spinning as well as a few others "just because". In the "bunny barn" which is an old dairy barn, you will find three breeds of Angora rabbits... French Angoras, Satin Angoras and English Angoras. These are raised for fiber production and for show. We also raise Thrianta rabbits, a small short haired red rabbit for show & pets, rare breed American Blue rabbits, American Fuzzy Lop rabbits and a new breed to the USA that is not yet recognized by the ARBA, the Czech Frosty rabbit.

In the pastures you will find Colored Angora Goats raised for their lovely Mohair, Icelandic Sheep-for their double coated fleeces in many natural colors, rare breed Leicester Longwool sheep for their long lustrous fleece and the newest rare breed to Aboundingful Farm... Romeldaledale/CVM sheep.

Some of the other "critters" on the farm includes hives of honeybees, some chickens for eggs, our horse Ginger and of course plenty of barncats.

We will continue to update this site with more information about our animals, fibers, lambs, kids & rabbits as time permits so please check back often. Facebook will have the most recent updates