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Ellen Anderson- Shepherdess, Spinner & Fiber Artist

                      Before and After Photos


Tabby- French Angora Sr. Doe  before harvesting wool


     Tabby- French Angora Sr. Doe       after harvesting wool

  French Angora Rabbits available for sale

We usually have French Angoras available. So please contact us for availability as it is constantly changing or look for more frequent litter updates on our Aboundingful Farm facebook page. I update that as litters are available.

               Meet some of our Angoras

 Take a few moments and enjoy "nestbox pictures" . In order to assure the rabbits I sell are eating well and fully weaned I WILL NOT sell rabbits before 10 weeks old, so please don't even ask. 

Please Note: These are not pictuurs of current litters

To see current litters visit  Aboundingful Farm on Facebook

Satin Angora Kits: Dam is Spanish Oak Prissy a Ruby Eyed White

                              Prissy's Kits 12 days old                                   

                                               Prissy and two of her kit's - 4 weeks                                                                                               Prissy's bucks- 8 weeks old      

   Satin Angora Kits: Dam is Aboundingful Lacy Kate

                                                       Lacy Kate's kits: 13 days old                                                              

              Lacy Kate's Bucks


                                                                               Lacy Kate

's Doe's 






 Satin Angora Kits: Dam is Aboundingful Samantha (pictured below) 

                                                             Samantha's Bucks                                                                                                                                                                    

Samantha's Doe's 



LG's Luna delivered a nice litter of 7 on April 12th

                                      Luna's kits 8 days old                                         

                       Luna's Does                            

                                Luna's Does                             

                              Luna's Bucks                           

                        Tapestry's Litter                     

                               Tabby's Litter                          

Please check facebook for current litters.

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